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Police Officers Found Drunk and Sleeping in Vehicles to be disciplined

Police in Port Moresby have begun Administrative disciplinary process  on the identified policeman whose photo was taken sleeping behind the steering wheel of a Police vehicle.

The process had commenced on the same day it was posted on Facebook.

The NCD Management was made aware of this after it went viral on Facebook.

Assistant Commissioner Anthony Wagambie Jr immediately directed Metropolitan Superintendent NCD to identify the officer, have the vehicle grounded and immediately take action on the accused.

Metropolitan Superintendent Nranou Perou had then arranged for the Police the Police Task Force to take charge of this.

The vehicle was grounded at Boroko a police Station the an hour after and the identified Police Sergeant served with a 21 day's suspension from official duties.

Suspension from duties gives time for disciplinary files, which is just like a Court File to be compiled and served on him (accused).

The investigation team will be using the photo as well as collecting witness statements which need to be signed from eye witnesses.

Statement from ACP Wagambie :

ACP Wagambie, has continously reminded police under his command that they must be wary that the public scrutinised police activity.

"Todays fast emerging technology with access to android phones and social media has changed the way we do things. We are being held accountable for our actions."

"This particular incident has tarnished the age of the Constabulary, and is a slap in the face for alot of hardworking personnel who have put in hard yards."

"I want to assure the public that this matter is being dealt with by Metsupt NCD and his team and appropriate penalties will be imposed on the accused."

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