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PNG Police Chief Manning orders Suspension of Commander and Police Officer following fatal accident causing death

Papua New Guinea Commissioner of Police David Manning has issued directives for the suspension of the Gordons Police Station Commander, the second in command as well as the shift supervisor following a fatal accident along Waigani Boulevard Road in the National Capital District this morning.

A young woman was reported to have been killed and five people including two children critically injured when a police allocated Toyota land cruiser 10 seater collided with a 25 seater bus.

The policeman who drove the 10 seater was alleged to have been under the influence of alcohol. He was arrested at the scene and has been detained at the Boroko Police Station. He is expected to be charged both criminally and disciplinarily pending a thorough investigation.

Mr Manning said, "I have made it very clear from day one that my management will strictly enforce a zero tolerance on poor discipline and lack of performance by policemen and women across the country. I have done that on a number of recent cases and will do so for this as well. However, for this case I am going further to also hold immediate commanders and supervisors responsible as well.

"The Commander of the Gordons Police Station where the policeman is serving under will be asked to show cause as to why he should not be charged as well for failing to command and control his men. The same will be for his second in command as well as the shift supervisor.

"Effective command and control and constant supervision is needed at all levels of the Constabulary's command structure to ensure policemen behave themselves and do their duties professionally, and without fear or favour. We must be accountable to our superiors and the same time demand accountability from our subordinates. Without these checks and balances in place we will end up having policemen running around causing so much strife for our citizens."

Mr Manning intends to initiate the process whereby the final entitlements or savings of members who have been found guilty are automatically deducted to repair or replace damaged state property.

"For far too long members have been getting away lightly. I intend to hold members personally liable for criminal conduct. This is meant as a deterrent to other serving members as well," Mr Manning said.

Commissioner Manning expressed his condolences to the family of the deceased woman.

"I am saddened at the unnecessary loss of life and the pain being inflicted upon the passengers and their family. I can only assure the families that the accident is being investigated and appropriate action will be taken. If the policeman was at fault he will be dealt with both criminally and administratively," Mr Manning said.

Picture: Commissioner of Police centre of  Minister for Police Hon. Onglo Willam (right)

Police Media / PNG Today

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