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PM Marape assures Porgera landowners, they won't be left behind this time

 PNG Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, MP, has assured Porgera Mine landowners in Enga that they will not be left behind in extraction and development of their resources.

He gave this assurance when formally handing over the Framework Agreement for reopening of the mine to landowners and the Enga Provincial Government on Friday (June 4th 2021).

PM Marape and his delegation also toured the Porgera Mine site after the Framework Agreement presentation.

“My visit to the Porgera Mine in the Lagaip-Porgera District today is to talk to the affected landowners, the mine management and other mine-affected communities,” PM Marape told thousands of people in Porgera.

“One of the main reasons why I wanted to travel to Porgera was to formally hand over the Framework Agreement to the landowners.

“Since taking Office on May 30th, 2019, I have advocated for greater share of the benefits from our resources to affected landowners - and that stands.

“That is why we have amended existing resource laws, including the Mining Act 2020 and the Oil and Gas Act 2020, to ensure landowners get a fair share under our ‘Take Back PNG’ slogan.

“The State has sought Barrick’s concurrence to release the Framework Agreement, therefore, here I am today to present the framework agreement to the landowners and Enga Provincial Government.”

PM Marape said his Government had no intention of leaving out affected landowners, who he said would be included in every step of the way towards reopening the mine.

He said that was why they should have a copy of the Framework Agreement before any awareness was carried out.

“Landowners and affected communities in Porgera will be well-versed on the impacts of the mine, and the benefits they get as a province. 

“We will give them a copy (of the agreement) and spell out what is in it for them at our appropriate forums and meetings.

“That is the essence of my visit to Porgera.

“I know my good people of Porgera understand the Government’s position and will allow the lawful process to take its course towards reopening of the mine with their share of benefits intact.

PM Marape further announced that after this visit, his Government would set a date for a proper development forum for discussion on benefits.

“I look forward to meeting the good people of Porgera and speaking to affected landowner communities, Enga Provincial Government and the developer Barrick soon,” he said.

PM Marape also announced the allocation of K1 million for small businesses in Porgera and K2 million for Porgera General Hospital. 

The PM and his delegation also visited and toured the Porgera Mine site after the framework agreement presentation in Porgera Town.


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