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Marape welcomes Opposition MP Ereman ToBaining to Government

PANGU Pati leder and PNG Prime Minister James Marape has welcomed Kokopo MP Ereman ToBaining into the Government, saying the door is open to other MPs to join.

“We will always welcome them. It is the MP’s individual choice and we welcome him,” he said.

ToBaining said he made the decision on behalf of the people of Kokopo.

“My electorate (has) one of the biggest cities in the country. I made the choice to join Government so that my people can be a part of the Government’s great plans.

“I look forward to working with the Government in building my electorate, province and country,” Prime Minister said.

“I also hope to work with the provincial government and be a part of the many programmes that the government is (carrying out).”

ToBaining was first elected into Parliament in 2012 under the People’s National Congress banner.

PM Marape said all MPs were free to choose whether they should join the Government or the Opposition.

Prime Minister Marape currently has 17 political parties in the coalition government he leads.

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