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Hull KR and Port Moresby Vipers Forge Rugby League Pathway

In a historic move bridging continents and cultures, Hull Kingston Rovers (Hull KR) has officially cemented a pioneering partnership with Papua New Guinea's renowned rugby league club, Port Moresby Vipers RLFC. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the annals of rugby league history, promising a groundbreaking development pathway for aspiring talents from Papua New Guinea.

This unique partnership, forged on the foundation of shared history and passion for rugby league between Hull KR and Papua New Guinea, sets a new precedent in player development. Two promising juniors from Port Moresby Vipers will have the opportunity to integrate into Hull KR's esteemed Academy, with the ultimate goal of representing the Robins' First Team.

Hull KR and Port Moresby Vipers Forge Rugby League Pathway [Photo graphics by HULL KR]

Hull KR's Chief Executive, Paul Lakin, expressed profound enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize player development. "This is a very significant partnership for both Hull KR and Papua New Guinea's domestic game that has been months in planning," said Lakin. "It’s exciting, innovative and has huge potential."

Jason Netherton, Head of Hull KR's Academy, echoed Lakin's sentiments, underscoring the rich history and tradition shared between the two entities. "Players from PNG are traditionally very tough and uncompromising," Netherton remarked. "I am looking forward to helping develop their skillset, embedding them into our culture and hopefully seeing them become future Hull KR players."

Governor of Port Moresby and patron of Port Moresby Vipers, Power Parkop MP, lauded the partnership as a transformative opportunity for Papua New Guinean talent. "The doors are open for our players to train in a tier 1 rugby league competition equal to the NRL system in Australia," stated Parkop. "It is a life-changing opportunity we should grab with both hands."

The partnership, exclusive to Hull KR and Port Moresby Vipers across both the NRL and Super League, symbolizes a new era of collaboration and growth in rugby league. With comprehensive education and welfare support provided to the prospective players during their tenure with Hull KR, the partnership aims to nurture not only athletic prowess but also personal development.

Port Moresby Vipers, boasting a storied legacy in Papua New Guinea's rugby league landscape, stand as the flagship club in the vibrant metropolitan city of Port Moresby. The partnership with Hull KR signifies a monumental leap forward for Papua New Guinean rugby league, opening doors to global exposure and elite competition.

As the rugby league fraternity eagerly anticipates the fruits of this groundbreaking collaboration, all eyes remain fixed on the promising future it heralds for both Hull KR and Port Moresby Vipers, propelling the sport to new heights of excellence and inclusivity.

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