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Medecins Sans Frontieres launch 2016 report on Family & Sexual Violence in PNG

Despite the steps taken by NGO’s and concerned government authorities to address Family and Sexual Violence cases in Papua New Guinea, they are many victims and survivors of such violence who suffer in silence without access to care, protection and justice.
This was revealed today during the launching of the 2016 Report on Family and Sexual Violence case study by the Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF).
The report was based on studies done in Hela province and NCD from 2014-2015 which indicated that 94% of the Family & Sexual Violence Victims are females and half of women suffer at the hands of their partners.
56% of the sexual violence survivors are children and 17% of the children are below the age of 5 who have been exposed to violence beyond their comprehension.
Head of Mission for MSF, Angelika Herb says the government policies and laws to assist survivors of sexual violence is slow and it’s taking forever to implement these polices and laws while the innocent women and children continue to suffer in silence.
“Without proper response from the authorities, women will remain trapped in violent relationships and will be unable to remove themselves or their children from harm.”
She also pointed that one of the contributing factors in allowing such violence to go on without addressing it, it’s because of PNG’s cultural barriers and beliefs that men have more control over women as long as he paid the bride price.
“Things like compensation for rape and bride price are hindrance to a victim who’s seeking out for help and as long as this continues, vulnerable minors who are raped or beaten in their homes will continue to be returned to their abusers” said Angelika Herb.
Meanwhile, she urged the authorities to do more in ensuring that vital services are provided to keep women and girls safe.

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