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Polye : An unfair, unjust decision that lacks geniune justice

The suspended Kandep MP and former Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye has raised concerns to the Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamator on a very serious conflict of interest in the Kandep election petition matter.
Mr Polye said he had to raise the matter with him before injustice and abuse perpetrates in his Organisation especially to the Kandep election petition case.
Polye said based on reliable information, it is common knowledge that the Acting Director - Elections Ms Kila Vaname has strong and very intimate relations with the petitioner of the Kandep election petition, Mr Alfred Manaseh. Mr Manaseh is the biologically father of Ms Vaname’s teenage daughter.
“As such your officer Ms Vaname definitely in the wrong person to put in charge of Kandep Election matter!” said Polye
Polye said he is not surprised that the Electoral Commissioner may have been wrongly influenced to writing a letter to the Police Commissioner to charge his good officers in the Kandep District Returning Officer (DRO) and the Election Manager (EM). He said getting Police Commissioner to arrest DRO Kandep and EM Enga are definitely biased against him by the Commissioner and by the Electoral Commission.
“Your directions do give a perception that you are biased on the Kandep election petition case!” said Polye
Polye said the Electoral Commissioner reconsider some decisions made by his office including;
1.Remove Ms Kila Vaname from being Acting Director Election Administration,
2.Remove Ms Kila Vaname from participating directly or indirectly on Kandep election matters,
3.Rescind any decision that the Commissioner may have made based on her advise with regards to Kandep matters like appointing Mr Kila Egaba as Returning Officer on the counting of the five (5) boxes,
4.Replace Mr Kila Egaba with another officer as both him and Ms Kila Vaname are from central province and might collaborate against Polye’s interests and against just and fair counting of the 5 ballot boxes and,
5.Rescind his decision of trying to arrest and charge the Enga Election Manager and Kandep District Returning Officer as the decision is more politically and ill-motivated!
Polye said the Commissioner should seriously consider the conflict of interest situation stated above and need to take charge, as the issues he has raised are very important.
Polye said he believe His Honour made a mistake in setting aside the declaration of the election pending the counting of the five (5) boxes.
“My election has not been declared null and void, the election has not been declared failed and there is no order for a by-election. Therefore I believe the Judge should have allowed me to continue to remain as MP for Kandep Open pending the counting of the five (5) boxes and also continue to perform my duties” said Mr Polye
“I also feel that I was unfairly and unjustly treated when His Honour took 18 months to hand down a bad decision. For instance, the nominations open in April 2017, which is only 9 months away. In the event that the Election Commission has no money to conduct counting within the 30 days and if the counting further delays, then the people of Kandep will miss out of representation on the floor of Parliament” said Polye
Polye said he was unjustly and unfairly treated when the reason for His Honour’s decision was because His Honour believes the election failed to follow processes of rejecting the five (5) disputed boxes.
“My declaration being set aside is not a just and fair decision!” said Mr Polye
Polye said he won by 23,952 votes whilst the runner-up was at 11, 905 votes. The five (5) disputed and rejected boxes contain 3,248 ballots. His Honour overlooked the evidence why the Electoral Commission rejected these five (5) boxes.
Polye said due to an unjust and unfair decision, government systems are taking advantage and the possibility of abusing procedures is very high.
“Nevertheless, I do believe in the Rule of Law, hence I shall step aside and subject myself to the process!” said Mr Polye.

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