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Police intercept escaping students, three arrested over murder

Lae Police have detained three suspects for the willful murder of 1st year Unitech student, Late Graham Romanong.

The suspects were amongst a group of students convoying in 5 buses leaving the city and travelling back home to Enga following the evacuation of students from campus. The police were alerted of this trip and intercepted the convoy at 9 mile, and escorted them back to the Lae Central Station.
“The three suspects were positively identified by Police Intelligence personnel and an eyewitness who was in the room when the young man was attacked” said Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Anthony Wagambie (Jr).

Mr. Wagambie spoke to the Enga students after the three suspects were identified and detained, explaining to them that they were all brought to the station so that positive identifications could be made of the suspects and the other students could be cleared.
Mr.Wagambie urged that generalizations should not be made on all the Enga students for what had happened, as majority of them were unaware of what was going to transpire on Saturday and were not involved in the murder.
The rest of the students were escorted by police out of the city and along the high way so they could go back home.

“This is a criminal act and is being acted upon by Police” said Mr. Wagambie further adding that “Police will ensure those responsible for both the previous incident of an Enga student being slashed with a knife during a confrontation, the recent murder and arson be brought to justice.”

Concerning the previous incident involving the slashing of a student, Mr. Wagambie said the police have been working on the case since it happened; however, the process has been slow due to the lack cooperation from witnesses to provide statements so that suspects can be identified and charged.
The three detained suspects are innocent until proven guilty by the courts. The Police are calling out to witnesses of the crimes to come forward so that evidence can be compiled.
Mr. Wagambie said that the Lae Police are not affiliated to any political master and that it must be understood by the concerned groups that there is no regionalism being practiced.
“We are just doing our job to ensure perpetrators are dealt with regardless of where they are from” said Mr. Wagambie. 
Pictures: The scene at the police station.  PNGFM / PNG Today

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