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Intern keen to challenge Vanuatu businesses to become innovative and modern

When Elsa Malapa left Port Vila in Vanuatu to begin her studies at Ecole de Gestion et de Commerce (EGC) in New Caledonia, she was a little overwhelmed.

“It felt so big, and so fast-paced … I really noticed the difference between my country and New Caledonia, and how advanced New Caledonia is compared to us,” Elsa says.

Fast forward two years, and Elsa has recently arrived in Auckland, to complete an internship at Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF), to get her third and final year of studies underway.

“Auckland is huge and much faster than New Caledonia, so I have to get used to being in a bigger city all over,” the 23-year-old laughs.

Having already completed two internships in New Caledonia, Elsa has clear goals of what she wants to achieve during her two months in New Zealand, interning at PCF.

“I would really like to improve my English business skills; to see how PCF works in the Pacific, but particularly how it interacts with New Caledonia and Vanuatu; and to learn about PCF’s programmes and share them with people in Vanuatu so they can apply to be a part of them, and benefit from them.”

She is also looking forward to experiencing different cultures in Auckland, and to spending time out in nature, she adds.

Elsa, who gets her business-mind from her father Kevin, a bank teller at Bred Bank in Port Vila, and her work ethic from her mother Helene, a primary school teacher, says her dream is to return to Vanuatu at some stage.

“I would like to gain work experience in New Caledonia (in finance) as the job market there is bigger, before returning to Vanuatu where I would like to help improve business and trade there.”

There are not many innovative businesses in Vanuatu, and there is a lack of technology, she adds.

“My goal is to help bring Vanuatu onto a level playing field with other countries in the Pacific, such as New Caledonia … it’s hard to change people’s mind-sets however, as they are used to doing things the traditional way.”

With skills gained through internships and work experience, Elsa plans to help implement new ways of doing business in Vanuatu – to help it become innovative and modern.

Elsa is one of 18 students from EGC who have just arrived in NZ to complete two month internships at various host agencies, wrapping up on March 24, 2017.

Over the past few years, PCF has hosted interns from EGC, to help strengthen ties between NZ and New Caledonian businesses.

Source: PCF

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