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Doctor arrested after stealing heroin he removed from man’s stomach

Doctor arrested for stealing heroin. Getty Images
A doctor was arrested and charged with possession of illegal drugs related charges after he stole heroin he removed from his patient’s stomach, according to police reports in Russia.

Siberia Police said that a Russian surgeon, who took a cut of the heroin for himself, faces up to 15 years in prison for burglary and drug possession.

The doctor was high when officers arrested him, according to the Interior Ministry.

The surgeon, who has not been named, worked in the small town of Bogotol in the Krasnoyarsk region. He was hired by police to remove heroin capsules from the stomach of a drug dealer.

The police confiscated the capsules, but later found five grams of heroin concealed in the surgeon’s clothing. Police have released video of the surgeon wearing the jacket in which the heroin was found.

The 32-year-old surgeon already has a criminal history for drug possession. "At the time of his arrest, the doctor was in a state of drug intoxication," police said.

A criminal case has been opened and the surgeon faces up to 15 years for drug possession and theft, police also said.
The drug smuggler became ill on a train from Krasnoyarsk to Bogotol, according to a police spokesperson.

The smuggler, a national of one of the former Soviet Republics, who was already known to police, was taken to a hospital in Bogotol. The drug mule is currently in a coma and doctors are fighting to save his life.


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