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PNG Opposition opens its doors to William Duma and his political party

PNG Opposition Leader Beladen Namah: 

By Calvin Caspar - NBC:

The parliament opposition says the recent cabinet reshuffle, though minor, shows insecurity and instability within the government.

Opposition leader Belden Namah made these remarks yesterday, while throwing their doors open to any negotiations with former Petroleum Minister William Duma and his United Resources party.

Mr. Namah and his deputy Sam Basil said what the United Resources Party endured under the reshuffle, is a slap in the face for the Government's third major coalition partner. 

Accusing the O'Neil Government of coercing small coalition partners to merge with the ruling People's National Congress party, the 
Opposition says, this is a dangerous political trend toward a one-party rule.

Mr. Namah and Mr. Basil described the ousted Minister Duma as one of the best performing Ministers, the evidence of which is his long term as Petroleum and Energy Minister. 

The Opposition says, party solidarity should be maintained, and a stand should be taken by the United Resources party, over the recent political activities.

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