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PNG Government to give free Land Titles to citizens

PNG National Planning Minister Charles Abel says
PNG Government to give out land titles to citizens
The Papua New Guinea Government will give out 2000 land titles in Port Moresby free of charge to ordinary Papua New Guineas to build affordable homes, National Planning Minister Charles Abel has indicated.

A similar number would be allocated in Lae under a pilot project, which would eventually spread nationwide.

Mr Abel, who is also the chairman of the ministerial committee on affordable land and housing committee, said the program was targetting the ordinary, working class Papua New Guineans, not the well-off and those who already own homes.

He said the Government has already identified land in Port Moresby, near the Jackson Inter-national Airport, and Nadzab outside Lae city. He said the National Airports Corporation has agreed to make available some land for the affordable land and housing program.

He said this was part of the overall national Government housing program whereby the each of the 89 districts of the country would be receiving K1 million each for 10 houses to house public servants.

"We are giving every district K1 million to build public service housing," Mr Abel said

"Then by March this year, want to give free title away to ordinary Papua New Guineans, starting with our public servants and then the private sector.

"Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has put K200 million to Bank South Pacific but the main problem now is the title, which is security required for people to access housing loan.

"We are going out there targeting ordinary Papua New Guineans, not for the rich people, but ordinary people who do not have a home.

"It is the desire of the O’Neill-led Government to give free titles to ordinary people. You get the title then you can go to the bank and access the K200 million, without the title you cannot borrow because the banks will say, ‘sorry no security’.

"We want 2000 of these title available in every province, again, we will pilot it in the centre, Port Moresby and Lae, where the pressure is great with settlements and all that and the land is completely beyond the price of the ordinary people.

"We are taking about K150,000 house, over 40 years of loan repayment period at the lowest interest rates."

Papua New Guinea Today / Post Courier

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