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Donors influence development decisions : Forum SG

Nations that give aiding grants to Pacific Island countries are those that influence a lot of decisions made by leaders in the Pacific. This was stated by secretary-general of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat Dame Meg Taylor as the finding of the review of the Pacific Plan that was conducted by former Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta. “One of the key issues that Sir Mekere has reiterated is who makes the decision for what happens in this region and then who takes on the responsibility. And then in his conduct of the review, it was very clear to him that a lot of the decisions that are made in this region are not made by our leaders,” Dame Taylor said. “And it's those who bring a lot of funds into the region determine how things happen and he wanted to see a shift in the development paradigm and that the leaders take those responsibilities.” She added this may sound simplistic. “But it's quite revolutionary in the way you do it but other parts of the world have taken this on setting the agenda on themselves and they have worked closely with multi-national banks and bilateral banks and have really shifted the way developments happen in their own region and this is at the very heart of it,” Dame Taylor said. She said this was also a reason the PIFS had put together the framework for Pacific regionalism to succeed the Pacific Plan.


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