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Digicel PNG warns of scam text messages

Digicel PNG has called on the public to be wary of opportunists who continue to use the Short Message Service (SMS) to solicit funds for fake cash prizes.

Recent observations made by Digicel show that the scam text messages emitted by opportunists try to induce Digicel customers to send them mobile phone credits in return for cash prizes worth K100, 000 or even more.

Digicel PNG CEOMaurice McCarthy said; “We urge our customers to be wary of such ploys.

“We must be mindful that Digicel will never ask a customer to send top up credits as a condition for receiving a cash prize.

“Digicel will call you up if you are a lucky recipient of any of our genuine promotions; but would never resort to send you text messages, claiming a return for the said prize.”

Digicel customers are encouraged to immediately report any suspicious text message believed to be a scam through any of the mediums stated below:

Call Digicel Customer Care hotline on 123;
Send an email to pngcare@digicelgroup.com; or,
Contact Digicel Facebook page (www.facebook.com/digicelpng)

The following details would also be required for referencing:

 Customer Name
Customer Mobile Number
Location at time the scam alleged message was received
Date and time when the message was received
Number sending the alleged scam message

“Our team will be more than happy to attend to your query and ensure that the fraudster’s number is identified and blocked from usage,” McCarthy said.

Meanwhile, Digicel will not be responsible for transactions done between customers and the scammers.

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