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Violence against Women is inhuman

By  Anton Dennis Neinaka

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Violence against women in PNG is rampant and have recently been discussed elsewhere in foreign media, thus painted a very dark image of the country. Moreover, exposes a dying need to tangible and practical intervention by the government and citizens at large.

Women are fellow human and deserve a fair life. Being a woman does not permit anyone to subject the person to abuse or violence. Infact there is no distinction in the right to live between men and women. There is also no differences in the will to survive. The only difference is that one human species is male and the other is female. God created both gender with special gifts, talents and responsibilities that should compliment one another to sustain humanity in this life presently and in world to come.

As such, no male have the right to take advantage of their masculinity to super impose treats, physical violence and abuse to a female. The very act of is inhuman. All men are born from a woman and have a mother. The same mother also gave birth to females siblings, which men call sisters. Men will live to father daughters.

Fellow men, as long as we do not expect our daughters, sisters and mothers to be abused and violently treated, we should refrain from doing so to our wives as they have or belong to a family who gave birth to them, love them, treated them with dignity and respect and expect them to live on with such treatments.

The law have been amended and improved to ensure inhuman treatments as such are properly dealt with. Law enforcers should treat all violence of women cases with high priority when reported and its existence is observed in societies. Citizens should report any sighting of the case immediately. Perpetraitors should be decisively prosecuted and locked away effectively. There should be a zero tolerance policy in this crime against humanity.

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