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Air Niugini Graduate Management program

Fourteen airline cadets including seven females have successfully joined Air Niugini last month under the Airline Management Graduate Scheme and are now attached with ANG Operations Division.
They are graduates in various fields of studies from different universities throughout the country who were selected after a vigorous recruitment process.
Air Niugini Chief Executive Officer, Mr Simon Foo said it is part of the airline’s vision to provide the best air services in the region, hence recruiting young graduates with a lot of potential is a step in the right direction.
“Air Niugini is committed to transformation and excellence and we are happy to be able to recruit individuals who possess the potential and attributes to thrive in a challenging operational and customer orientated environment.” Foo said.
In line with objectives of Air Niugini’s national graduate management program and following their recruitment, the fourteen successful candidates have now been inducted to ANG’s Operations Division where they have completed an intensive induction program and are now proceeding with on the job training.
Mr Foo said “ This training will continue for some years with stead personal development skills coordination that will ultimately present a team of highly motivated and capable persons directly contributing to Air Niugini’s vision.”
Several hundred candidates applied and after a rigorous selection process, only fourteen were selected.

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