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Port Moresby housing project all set to commence

Port Moresby housing project all set to commence. Photo: Downtown Port Morsby . Credit: Governor Parkop
Minister of National Planning Charles Abel last week presented a cheque of K5 million to NCDC to commence major civil works on the planned housing and land program at Gerehu in Port Moresby.
The cheque of K5 million presented to NCDC is for initial capital for engineering and road works.
Gerehu 3B is the pilot project under the affordable Land and Housing Program, the O’Neil /Dion Government has embarked on as an ambitious program to make available 40,000 fully serviced land allotments over the next five years, facilitated by the office of Urbanisation.
The program, coordinated by Department of National Planning under the office of urbanisation will be rolled out in partnership with the Department of Lands and Physical planning, National Housing Corporation, National Research Institute, magisterial services and the civil registry.
Two Pilot models are currently being implemented under this program; Gerehu 3B and Durhan Farm. Both models are expected to make available 5700 serviced allotments which equates to 14.25 per cent of the national target.
To date the Government has expanded K11 million towards Durhan Farm through the NHC and K3 million on Gerehu 3B.
Out of the K3 million expanded on the Gerehu project, PNG Power and Eda Ranu have each received K1million respectively and another given to National Surveyor General to survey 1734 allotments for the titles to be issued.
Already 269 public servants, from 31 government departments and agencies participating have been prequalified by BSP for up to K58 million worth of loans to be released under the first home ownership scheme.
The Government has made available K200 million to BSP for an affordable 40 year repayment loans for citizens.
Through this program, the Government has also provided K1 million directly to each district administration, under the district institutional housing where Members and Governors are to reciprocate another K1 million, half a million each from the DSIP and PSIP funds, to build 10 houses per district which equates to 890 houses across the country.

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