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PNG Army Chief commends Soldiers in hostage rescue

Soldiers involved in the rescue of two Indonesians held hostage along the PNG-Indonesian Border were commended for a job well done.
PNG Defence Force Commander, Brigadier General Gilbert Toropo described the operation as one of the best ever in P-N-G's history.
He says the operation was well planned and executed without the use of weapons, which could have ignited a reprisal from the opposition.
"I'm very very happy that my troops have successfully rescued the two hostages without firing a shot and that I considered that as a very very professional conduct from PNG defence force troops involved, because ultimately that is the kind of operation we'd like to see.
Because the use of firearms could have catastrophic effect both on the hostages as well the hostage takers and our own troops".
Commander Toropo, meantime called for more efforts, especially from government agencies to make their presence felt along the border.
"You know, we have done everything to maintain our presence but I want to say that, you know, other government agencies also need to do their part to ensure that the border is free from all illicit activities," Commander Toropo said.
Meantime, the United Liberation Movement for West Papua has denied any knowledge and involvement, in the recent kidnapping of two Indonesian loggers, accusing the Indonesian Government of facilitating a cover up to divert attention.
United Liberation Movement spokesman Benny Wenda said the group is not affiliated to anyone or grouping, who advocates kidnapping or any forms of violence.
In a statement, Mr. Wenda, says his group's campaign is based on peaceful means and dialogue.
He says the group does not have the military power to go up against Indonesia, and the recent kidnapping is one they would not have tried.
Benny Wenda is accusing the Indonesian military of trying to stir up more conflicts along the border, so that it can make a massive border deployment of 40-thousand troops into West Papua.
He also accused the outside world of accepting this systematic oppression of his people.

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