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BSP warns of phishing attacks on internet banking

Bank South Pacific (BSP) has warned  that there are fraudulent emails targeting BSP customers that claim to be from BSP. These are from fraudsters trying to steal customer information.
The bank says "the emails may look genuine but will contain links that can lead to a fake website that appears to be the BSP Internet Banking Website. The fake site is designed to collect banking credentials. Unsuspecting customers can login and give in personal information to fraudsters"

This act is termed as Phishing.

There is a very persistent phishing attack happening right now. Below is an example of a fraudulent email content below. The difference with this phishing email is that the email address has an additional alias as service@bsp.com.pg which may seem genuine but this is not from BSP, the email address is not valid. The scammer is using an additional alias with his email ID kdeevela@kent.edu.

Customers are urged to be very careful when receiving emails from unsolicited sources. Bank South Pacific will never contact you via emails or text messages to verify your personal banking details.

BSP will never send such emails requesting customers to verify personal information.

If you receive such emails forward to Hoax@bsp.com.pg

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