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Kelly Naru's Christian Democratic Party ready to serve people

A touch of Morobe sprinkled the Dynasty Restaurant at Vision city last night as the Christian Democratic Party (CDP) held their second fundraising dinner in Port Moresby with party faithful, supporters and business houses from Lae turning up to show their support for CDP and party leader Kasiga Kelly Naru.
The night saw former Henganofi MP and CDP President Dr Banare Bun give an update to how the party started and how it has grown since its inception in the 1990’s when a group of like-minded individuals from the Highlands to the Islands and Southern Region saw the need for godly principles to be implemented through the government.
Since that time CDP has grown significantly however Dr Bun also alluded to the fact that the party has woken from its slumber for the last nine (9) years, and it is revitalised and ready to serve the people since party leader Kasiga Kelly Naru joined the party as leader last year.
Tables were all sold out at K10, 000 and over K300, 0000 raised from the tables alone,
this set the tone for the night as the Christian family quartet The Joseph’s whole heartedly entertained those in attendance with their harmonies and soulful renditions of CDP songs and many more gospel songs moving the crowd in anticipation for the keynote address from CDP leader Kelly Naru.
“We are going through so much problems, this country should be shinning in gold and yet we are going through a period of challenge were we have never experienced before, with major issues affecting our police hierarchy, our police force are up against each other’s throats with the infighting and they are acting contrary to our so called disciplined police force, people in our rural areas are crying out for basic services and we have lost the plot because the leaders the government has failed the people, CDP party slogan says we are your servants and leaders in parliament has failed serving the people because they have not put theocratic principles and this is where CDP are unique because the key to success is serving Anutu (God) first, and by doing this god will reinstate PNG and make it shine in gold once again”, said Kasiga Naru in his keynote address
Governor Naru further added that CDP is ready to contest and move above and beyond the 2017 general election and are ready to serve the people as god fearing men he challenged everyone to remember God and by doing so blessings will be added in each individual lives.


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