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Prime Minister Peter O'Neill welcomes new Pakistani envoy to PNG

Papua New Guinea would like more trade and economic engagement with Pakistan, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says. 
O’Neill said there were significant opportunities to strengthen economic relations after he received the credentials of new Pakistani High Commissioner to PNG Naela Chohan in Port Moresby yesterday. 

“We would like to see an expansion in trade and economic engagement with Pakistan,” O’Neill said following a meeting at Sir Manasupe Haus. 

“During almost four decades of diplomatic relations between our two countries, we have not expanded linkages as well as we could have. 
“This is evolving and has the opportunity for future growth. 
“There are also similarities between our economies where we can build on our relationship. 
 “Pakistan is a developing country with a large agricultural base that faces a number of challenges, as does Papua New Guinea, such as low global commodity prices. 
“We are both Commonwealth nations. Our systems of government is similar having evolved from the British model. This makes it easier for the two countries to engage.
“There are lessons that can be shared between our governments and we will continue this engagement.” 

O’Neill told Chohan that there were a number of people of Pakistani heritage living in the country. 
“We have a Pakistani community here in Papua New Guinea. I hope the high commissioner has the opportunity to meet them while she is in our country. 

“The high commissioner noted that she was impressed with the development she has seen. I have welcomed her to return at her convenience.” 
Chohan has served as a career diplomat for more than 35 years.  Press Release 

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