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ICT helping to curb corruption in PNG, people urged to report cases

By: Rose Amos: NBC

The Finance Department is stepping up on corruption using Information and Communication Technology.
It has already brought to court seven cases with a verdict handed down on two of these cases.
Over 200 others are still being investigated.

First Assistant Finance Secretary, Tess Wingi told NBC News hundreds of complaints are received from the public on the use of public funds, through its Phone Against Corruption Initiative.
Wingi says the initiative has greatly helped to track down on funds dispatched from Finance Department to various government agencies, provinces and districts.

"Since this idea was started in 2014 we received 540 complaints, to be exact, in total.
"Then we segregated. Which information for what department?
"Most complaints were mainly from the districts.
"People from departments in the districts and provinces are sending those complaints to us. We then forward it on the departments or agencies concerned, saying there are complaints there, so send an audit team in to look at it.
"Then from there they can refer it to police or sometimes take on administrative measures like disciplinary process."
The ICT program, is confined to Finance, but will later be used by other Government departments and agencies.
People are encouraged to text the Finance hotline 1-6-3-2-1, if they are suspicious of public funds being mismanaged.....read more ICT News on >> PNG Technology News
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