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University of Papua New Guinea to close facilities

The 2016 academic year at the University of Papua New Guinea will close today (December 16).

In a statement, the institution said: “All student facilities and amenities will shut down at noon on Saturday, 17 December, and all students must vacate the Waigani and Taurama Campuses.

“This situation is necessitated by the extraordinary circumstances that surrounded the university in 2016 as a result of the four-month student boycott of classes.”

As all dormitories have had an additional two months of occupancy, it is essential that they are vacated so that the necessary maintenance work can be carried out.

Registrar Jennifer Popat said: “The University Council sanctioned curfew from 8pm through 5am. It is also still in effect and will be enforced by Uniforce Security should anyone choose to disobey the directives to vacate the campuses.”

 Semester 2 break will start on 17 December, and the 2016 Semester 2 classes will resume on 16 January 2017.

The final details of the 2017 Academic Year have yet to be released. However, the 2016 Semester 2 Examinations will conclude on 15 March 2017, with registration of the successful continuing students to commence on 10 April 2017.

The orientation week for First Year students will commence on 3 April 2017.

As already reported by the Acting Chancellor, Dr. Nicholas Mann, the University is still waiting on the Government to release the committed K12 million to enable it to continue with its teaching and learning programs.

Dr. Mann said: “The University expects the Government to honour and implement the NEC decision No. 172/2016 to release the committed funding so that the University can continue to provide the educational services that are the core business of the University.

“We acknowledge the critical financial difficulties that our young nation is experiencing, but we also recognise our commitment to our students, parents, guardians, sponsors, financiers, and the governments of other countries, to enable our students to complete their studies and commence their careers in the public and private sectors.”
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