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Australian NMHC granted time to submit final report

The Australian National Mental Health Commission has sought and been granted an extension of time to submit the final report to government on the review of self-harm and suicide prevention services.

This information will be provided by the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA), available to current and former serving members of the ADF and their families.

The final report was due to be presented to Government on 28 February 2017.

Chief Executive Officer of the National Mental Health Commission, Dr Peggy Brown said:“We have received a high level of support from the ADF and DVA in order to access the information we required. Due to the complexity and depth of the information received, and the need to ensure the Commission’s report is robust, we have requested more time before providing Government with our report and recommendations.

“We thank the Ministers’ for their understanding in relation to this request,” Dr Brown said.

The review will now be presented to Government by 28 March 2017.
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