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Need for PNG parliament to enact whistle blower legislation

A SENIOR National and Supreme Court judge has stressed on the need for Parliament to enact “whistle blower” legislation to help rid the society of law breakers and corruption.

Justice Ambeng Kandakasi highlighted this recently when handing down a decision on a case involving a “whistle blower” who was sacked by his superiors.

The court found that the plaintiff in the matter Guise Kula who was the former general secretary of the Public Employees Association was unlawfully sacked by his superiors in 2015 after he queried some legal discrepancies within the organisation.

The court granted most of the reliefs sought by Kula after it found that Kula’s queries were genuine and that the decision to sack him by the first defendant and president of PEA Emma Faiteli, was unlawful. Post Courier/ PNG Today
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