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Sir Peter – the humble servant

WHO would be the former politician or active business men/women bringing him/herself so low and clean the streets? Sir Peter Barter, former Madang governor and active businessman is one we can think of. Sir Peter was spotted cutting tall grass around Madang District Court on Tuesday using his mobile mower while his boys were collecting rubbish onto his small battery operated vehicle. This is not the first time Sir Peter has done this. He was seen several times cleaning up Madang himself or with people he associates with. If all Madang residents can stop complaining about politicians and authorities turning a blind eye and start change their attitudes and take ownership of Madang town like Sir Peter then Madang can be really beautiful. Sir Peter’s selfless sacrifice is the mark of a true leader. We must take one step forward and change our attitude, which is a major problem in Madang and rest of the towns in PNG that are very ugly with shrubs and litter.

Pictures & words by Mathew Yakai - Sunday Chronicle
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