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"Shame" on the Gateway to Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Opposition Leader, Don Pomb Polye has described the continuous hold-up of overseas visitors upon arrival during the early hours of the morning at Jacksons International airport as a “shame to the nation”.

Mr Polye questioned the Police Minister, the Police Commissioner, the Airport Security and Air Niugini management on the type of steps they are taking to address the growing arm-hold up activities at the International terminal.

He said Jacksons International is the gateway to the country but with the continuous criminal activities there, what impression is the country giving to its overseas visitors.

Mr. Polye has also called for an investigation into the security firm which is engaged at the airport, because these activities has been ongoing, and is a reflection of the breakdown in Law and Order within the city.

He made these comments after an arm-hold up of seven Malaysian nationals who lost their passports and other valuables and cash upon arrival at the Jacksons International airport.

NBC NEWS/ PNG Today /Photo by Jonah F (FB)
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