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New seawall on Nauru to provide relief to community

A new seawall in the district of Anetan will help alleviate sand erosion and the effects of king tides on the community.

The Government of India donated AUD 500, 000 to its Nauru counterpart to help construct the 200 metre seawall on the north side of the island.

The Nauru government contributed AUD 300,000 towards the project which included expanding raised land previously eroded by ocean waves.

India’s non-resident High Commissioner to Nauru, Vishvas Sapkal inspected the project and unveiled a name board during his first official visit to Nauru late last month.

President Baron Waqa thanked the government and people of India for assisting in the construction of seawall.

The project is first of its kind nationwide and the Government of Nauru has planned future projects to help people affected by climate change.

The government has also started to put seawalls in areas prone to the effects of sand erosion.

As an island nation, Nauru is vulnerable to climate change and rising of sea level. loopNauru
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