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PM O'Neill urges Public Service Machinery to commit

NBC News - Kelvin Kaspar

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has urged the public service machinery to commit to stability and serve the interest of the people of Papua New Guinea.

Addressing the Heads of Government Department and Agencies Meeting in Mendi this afternoon Mr O'Neill boasted of returning to power, to work with the bureaucracy complete what it has started in this term.

He echoed the response to the public service to boost man power, to widen the tax base to capture more revenue for the government and build more infrastructure to give more confidence to the private sector to invest more.

He confidently told the meeting that his return to government after the 2017 national Elections will see the extension of infrastructure development outside major towns and cities under the theme “Going Rural”.

He has urged public servants to leave politics to the politicians and concentrate on their duties of delivering government services to the people.

Mr O'Neill's address closes a one day Heads of Government department and agencies meeting in Mendi town.

This Interdepartmental meeting is crucial as the bureaucracy prepares to take care of the country as PNG prepares to go into the 2017 National Elections with the issuing of Writs on Thursday.

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