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Political Activist Noel Kolao Anjo is Pangu Pati’s candidate contesting the NCD Regional seat

Political Activist Noel Kolao Anjo is Pangu Pati’s candidate contesting the NCD Regional seat
Deputy Opposition Leader and Pangu Pati Leader Hon. Sam Basil, MP announced this at the Pangu Pati's Korobosea Office and Morobe Block, Nine Mile outside Port Moresby today.
"We are at the most important interval in our country’s history when we have to make tough decisions with limited resources to cater for a growing and ethnically diverse population.

Mr Basil told reporters that Pangu Pati promotes sustainable development in Papua New Guinea. He said "but the onus in on us now to return our budget to surplus, and we have to identify a debt and revenue strategy in a realistic timeframe. This will only be achieved if we live within our means. A new government must set priorities that will ensure that development and infrastructure projects can be delivered at cost."
Mr Basil said inflated contracts are bleeding the country dry and our institutional strengths are being crippled under the pressure."
We are witnessing the results of poor governance right now. Mr Basil said over-inflated project costs breed corruption. Funds are being expropriated under our noses at the expense of the underprivileged. The siphoning of export earnings and incoming revenue from our resource provinces is also a major development problem.

Pangu Pati wants to invest export earnings into development enablers and infrastructure. That is the right way to reconstruct this nation. We know we can fix the structural issues but in order to do this many other priorities must be set and resourced in a recurrent way.
Pangu Pati wants to guarantee rural livelihoods will be sustained by political will in Waigani. Our people must feel assured that their fresh produce will reach the capital cities. And we can achieve this if we invest unconditionally in economically modelled infrastructures policy agendas that are focused on economic and social outcomes.

Pangu Pati will troubleshoot the current SME program to resource training, development and science and technology that will improve the capabilities and operations of SME business owners.
Pangu Pati will focus on a robust urbanisation policy that reflects our current population growth and the importance of labour mobility. We want to acknowledge that professionals, teachers, bank tellers and armed forces personnel live in informal settlements on the outskirts of major cities and towns. These are Papua New Guineans who must be accomodate or represented in our service delivery roll outs. Otherwise our planning is skewed and unrealistic.
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