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Schools in PNG urged to develop good mobile phone policies

THE use of mobile phones has bad and good sides to it but it is how one can maximise the good side, says PNG's  Cardinal John Ribat. He said mobile phones are there for communication between parents and their children when they are in school and also helping students with their research and studies.

However, students can be easily distracted with the use of mobile phones. Cardinal Ribat, head of the Catholic Church in Port Moresby, said having policies can be favourable for both students and teachers as they work towards maximising mobile phones for school-related activities like research work. “Because of parents’ concern for their children, they communicate with them so children let their parents know where they are in school,” he said. “Now the policies about mobile phones is different, varies from school to school. “It will be up to the schools now to develop policies to help students and help parents understand and see a better way how the phone can be used for their own advantage in the school.” He also gave examples of schools that have policies on the use of mobile phones which both teachers and students have agreed and adhered to. “Limana (Vocational School), one of their policies is they don’t take the phone away from their students but they help the students to realise the importance of its use.

“All the teachers are agreeable to it and also the students,” he said. “Hohola Youth Development Centre’s policy is you sign an agreement about the phone. “Once this (policy) is not observed, you are out of the school, because you are not promoting what the school wants to promote in relation to the use of the phone by violating that agreement.” He said there are other schools that have policies on the use of mobile phones in schools and also added that other schools could do the same as well. “The schools will have their policies, it varies from school to school but it depends very much on their teachers and students and how they are readily prepared to promote the good use of phones.” Post Courier/PNG Today
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