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PM Peter O’Neill Warns Against False Claims by Unproven Candidates

Delivering Remote and Rural Healthcare Centres a Government Priority - PM Peter O’Neill Warns Against False Claims by Unproven Candidates
More than four thousand people in the Southern Highlands Province will be have access to a higher level of healthcare following the opening of the Wire Health Centre this weekend.
Speaking at the opening of the centre, the Prime Minister, Hon Peter O’Neill CMG MP, said new healthcare centres have been built around the nation over the past five years and this will continue into the next term of Government.

“Alongside providing free education, the delivery of universal Healthcare is a central goal of our Government,” the Prime Minister said after the opening ceremony.
“Today we have opened the Wire Health Centre, in the South Wiru Local Level Government area of Ialibu-Pangia, which is a very remote part of our country.
“Right around Papua New Guinea we have been opening these new medical centres to assist people rural and remote areas.
“As a Government, five years ago we set out to change healthcare delivery, to deliver healthcare to our grassroots, and this is happening.

“Millions of lives are being changed for the better, injuries are being treated and illnesses overcome because your Government has listened to the cries of the people and we are improving healthcare.
“A person who lives in a rural area has the right to access healthcare services, just like their relatives in the urban areas, and we are making access to this healthcare become a reality.”
The Prime Minister said even though many candidates are making false promises about educational and healthcare, the voters of the nation will not be fooled.

“The people of Papua New Guinea are smart, they are not fooled by political games, and they know that the PNC-led Government will continue to deliver healthcare and education to the nation.
“There are a lot of candidates running around claiming that they will change the economy or improve development, but they have no plan - just hollow promises.
“Only PNC has a plan to deliver on healthcare and education, and only PNC has proven that it can deliver on our plans to change our country for the better.
“Looking at the health centre we have opened in South Wiru today, speaking with the people of the area, we know that this centre will make a massive difference to the lives of local people.
“We will continue to move forward with our plans to increase the number of Health Centres in remote and rural locations across Papua New Guinea.

“Districts and provinces need to keep working with the National Government to identify funding, and use the DSIPs and PSIPs to deliver better healthcare around the country.
“Under a PNC-led Government we are delivering healthcare and education throughout our nation, and we look to voter support to continue this work for another five years.”
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