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Sir Mekere wants debate on state of PNG's Economy

Former prime minister Sir Mekere Morauta, says the public and politicians must all discuss the state of Papua New Guinea's economy, if the country wants to find a way out of the current state.
Sir Mekere has condemned calls by Governor of the Central Bank, Loi Bakani, not to discuss this issue, which has proven to be a hot election topic, among other issues.

He says the stagnant growth in the economy, job losses, foreign currency shortage, the current cash flow crisis and the monetary situation are legitimate and critical topics for public debate and discussion, if PNG is to find ways to solve them.

Sir Mekere who was also at one stage the governor of the Central Bank, says the bank is no longer policing the financial system as it should, and has sold out its independence, losing public confidence in its role as an oversight institution and source of information.
NBC News
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