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Tonga Royal guards investigated after intruder breaks into palace grounds

The royal guards’ security protocols are in question after an intruder entered and wandered around the royal palace grounds in Nuku’alofa before he was captured.

The length of time the male trespasser spent at the king’s residence is unknown.

TBC television service report said an investigation is underway to find out how the intruder entered the Nuku’alofa property undetected.

It is not clear whether or not Their Majesties were at the Palace when the intruder showed up but apparently whoever was there at the time was not in any danger from the security breach.

The report claimed the intruder was known to have mental-health problems.

The Tongan government has allocated millions of pa’anga in its annual budget for the maintenance and security of all the royal palaces in Tongatapu.

In 2000 a three-metre iron fence was installed to protect the property against intruders after a huge brawl at Pangai Lahi ended with people fleeing to find protection at the palace.
Source: Kaniva News
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