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Enga should be proud of Governor Ipatas : O'Neill

Engans can be proud of the achievements in their province over the past 20 years, particularly during the years when the national government neglected the province.
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill highlighted developments in Enga during the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Enga Provincial Hospital in Wabag last Friday.
Mr O’Neill said real development was taking place in the province, in the last 20 years under the leadership of Grand Chief Sir Peter Ipatas.

“This is the first provincial hospital to be built since independence, and people from around Enga can be proud of what you have achieved,” the prime minister said to thousands of people who gathered in Wabag town.
“It has taken a long time to get to where we are today. This project started five years ago after so many decades of talks.”
“We are here for the groundbreaking and construction will begin as soon as possible as this will be a big hospital, with three hundred beds.”
“Over the past five years, the national and provincial governments, have been delivering plenty of projects.”

“We are building teachers colleges, nursing colleges, polytechnics and town roads.”
“For the first time, funds are being delivered to the province, to the districts and to the councils, so they can plan and use the money where it is needed the most.”
Mr O’Neill highlighted the tireless work by Enga governor, Sir Peter Ipatas, who for 20 years delivered services in his province when the previous national government neglected the provinces.
“Sit Peter Ipatas is a strong leader who ignored the lack of commitment of the national government until we formed government in 2012, and then we changed the relationship with provinces and districts.”

“These could have been wasted years of your life, like it was in many places, where not a new bridge, not a new road, not a new classroom was built.”
“But your governor is smart. He found a way to do more in this province with limited funds, and he has changed Enga.”
“Education has been a priority for Sir Peter for many years even before tuition fee free education from our government”
“He was paying for school fees and sending Engans to university.”
“That is why, today, we see so many Engans moving into important jobs in business and government, it is all thanks to the leadership of Sir Peter Ipatas.”

“With free education now at a national level, we are now seeing more students from every province being educated and going through to universities, and we must give credit to the pioneering work of Sir Peter Ipatas to advance this policy agenda.”
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