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NA Party candidate denies any wrong doing

Accused Namatanai Open Candidate, Walter Schnaubelt is denying any wrong doing over allegations made by police in Kokopo and reported by the media.
Mr Schnaubelt says what was claimed to be ballot papers contained in the boxes were lies.
He says the materials were only election posters of the National Alliance party and tally sheets.
He also says police did not have a search warrant to search his employees at Tokua airport.
As a 4th time contender for the Namatanai Open seat, Mr. Schnaubelt says his 20 plus staff employed under his SOS Security firm, to be security personnel and scrutineers, is to ensure the election processes are monitored carefully.

Mr. Schnaubelt further says he is seeking legal advise and action against those who tarnished his name over allegations of rigging the election process.
Meantime, Mr Schnaubelt says he's confident of winning the election, despite the negative press against him.
Defending the allegation levelled against him and his staff in Kokopo, Mr. Schnaubelt says what has happened will not discourage him.
Speaking in Kokopo alongside his colleague N-A candidate defending the Gazelle Open Seat, Malakai Tabar, Mr Schnaubelt expressed confidence that the 47,000 plus voters of Namatanai electorate will stand by him.
He says the people of Namatanai have told him through campaign rallies, that they want change and development, and he will deliver when he's given the mandate.
Namatanai is one of 2 electorates in New Ireland province and comprises six local level governments and 90 wards. NBC News/ PNG Today
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