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PM O'Neill urges Employers to allow time for their employees to vote

The Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill   has called on all employers to allow time for their employees to go and vote, and to not impose penalties on Papua New Guineans seeking to exercise their constitutional right.
“When voting takes place in your area, all employers should allow time for their staff to go and place their vote, and not impose penalties,” the Prime Minister said.
“Voting is a constitutional right for our people, and I call on all employers to respect this right of their employees.
"Now is the time for employers to demonstrate their support for our democracy in a most simple way, by giving time for staff to vote.
“For Government offices, it is expected that staff voting on a particular day will be able to take the day off to do so.”
The Prime Minister said while there had been some complications in the first few days of voting, the elections are proceeding well through the commitment of thousands of electoral staff, security personnel and observers.
“When you look at previous elections, it is fair to say that the 2017 elections are off to a stronger start than other years.
“I hope all eligible Papua New Guineans will exercise their right to vote for the next Parliament of our Nation.
“Now is the time for all voices to be heard as we prepare to take our nation to the next level of development."
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