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PNG to use technology to streamline election results

ALL provincial election officers will be using tablets to send information through to the counting centres, Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato says.
Gamato told observers and media personnel at the opening of the PNGEC media centre on Friday that election officials will have to comply with the provisions of the law and relevant prescribed forms.
“Everything will happen at the provincial level and at the counting centres. We will put up big screens and the results will be put up there,” he said.
“The same results must be transmitted to the media centres for all our stakeholders, especially the media.”
Gamato said with the use of these phones, election officials would be able to  communicate with each other.
“This is one of the strategies, that we want to connect with all the election managers, assistant election managers, returning officers and the assistant returning officers,” he said.
“From the field, during polling, hopefully they can use the tablets to report the total number of ballot boxes, ballot papers and the number voters coming through the polling stations.
“It is also very important to ensure that forms are scanned and sent because without that we cannot justify the information.
“The media centre is a plus.
“In the past, we used to use just the forms faxed in from the provinces, but this time, with the establishment of the media centre, especially with the publication of results, it will be high-tech and better,” Gamato said.
The media centre will publish the information and results from PNGEC website and any data that come from the field.
All information and results data available at the media centre will have been verified, cleared and validated by the relevant branches of the PNGEC.
The centre will be accessible by media personnel, domestic and international observers, representatives from government agencies and also civil society, including churches and other stakeholders.
The centre is located within the PNGEC building and would be open from 8am to 6pm for polling.
For the counting period, the centre may open at 7am and close at 12 midnight, depending on the results that come in from the field....The National
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