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Arore denies disruption of polling in Popondetta, demands retraction from NBC

David Arore, a candidate who is contesting the Oro Regional seat has denied reports on his involvement in election disruption in Popondetta and now demanding retraction from NBC and calls for investigation into rival candidates spreading rumours during vital time. 

Desperate candidates have taken to social media to spread lies and allegations against  David Arore. These rumours have been published without proof, at a time where such a publication can have a very large impact on the Northern Province election.

Arore has categorically denied any claims that he tampered with a ballot box or destroyed any ballot materials, or that he interrupted voting.
Any claims that he is “on the run” from police are entirely untrue. Arore has been staying in his Popondetta home just a few minutes away from the local police station and made no secret of it.
Furthermore, he has talked to the police directly in person to open an investigation against the people responsible for spreading such rumours and to clear his name.

“For a respected broadcaster and news source like NBC and their journalist Gregory Moses to publish rumours like this without any proof or verification is unacceptable.” Mr Arore said.
“I am demanding a full retraction be published by NBC clearing my name and that the journalist responsible for the story be investigated for unprofessional links to political candidates in Oro.”
“I spoke to the police yesterday and asked them to open an investigation against the people responsible for these rumours. I will also be talking to the Electoral Commission and laying complaints against so called leaders.”
“Desperate actions like this are just confirming what the people in Popondetta and Northern Province already know. I have run a very successful campaign and my popularity is making my opponents very nervous. They know they cannot win without corruption and lies.”
“I remain confident that I will win this election. The people of Oro are tired of having a leader that spends more time on Facebook than they do delivering for their people.”
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