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Election of PNG Speaker of Parliament expected next week

The election of the Speaker of Papua New Guinea Parliament next Friday is a good indication of who will occupy the top post as prime minister.

Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates, Alphonse Gelu said this when he made reference to previous elections held in 2002, 2007 and 2012.

He said that the invited party, its coalition partners and their successful candidate for speaker gave the first indication of numbers in support for their prime minister of choice to be voted in.

Despite the trend, Dr Gelu did not rule out the chance of a surprise for the latter outcome not to occur despite the slight possibility.

“First they get in, it will be the speaker who is elected, and normally on who elects the speaker we will already know,” Gelu said.

“The speaker is the indicator; first most important indicator whether the party that was invited has the numbers, simple majority (56 or more) or not, that means it is the other group,” Dr Gelu said.

He said that the real deal on the formation of the government is what everyone was looking forward to.

Asked if the favoured party had missed out previously, Gelu said it had not in the past three elections of speaker and prime minister under the Organic Law on Political Parties and Candidates.

“If you look at 2002 when the Organic Law was first enforced, NA was invited and they formed the government, in 2007 NA was invited and NA formed the government.”

In 2012 PNC was invited and PNC formed the government.”

Dr Gelu also said with the current indication of declarations, PNC could very well receive the letter of invitation.

Meanwhile, as the horse trading for the formation of the new government is gaining momentum, re-elected Oro Governor and People’s Movement for Change party leader Gary Juffa has revealed he will align with any group, but not one headed by Prime Minister Peter O’Neil.

Juffa at a press conference said he would align with Sam Basil, Keregua Kua and Dr Allan Marat, whom he considered as credible leaders with standing in their respective communities.

He said they were people who not only talk, but fight corruption.

He was expected to fly to Goroko, Eastern Highland province to meet the Eastern bloc headed Pangu Party leader Basil.

However, Juffa said although he is interested in forming the next government, it doesn’t matter which side of the parliament he finds himself, so long as he is not with the team headed by People’s National Congress party.

“National Alliance seems to be accumulating the numbers so does Pangu. I’m looking at these parties coming together and the first agenda is rescuing our economy which is free falling at a the moment, review health and education, put in place ICAC , table all enquires such as the SABL and finance and send some of these crooks to jail . Any alliance that agrees to that is who I’m working with. It will be a challenge to see who would agree with that; that’s when we see whether they are with the people or not,” he said.

He claimed the support of five independents but did not specify whom.

He also called on the rest of the independents not follow the crowd and be bribed into supporting an alliance but make a decision on what is right, just and in the best interest of the people.

“Being elected doesn’t make you are leader, it is what you do in parliament that makes you a leader. You are not elected to get into parliament to follow other leaders or other MPs who may not be leaders.

You are elected to get into parliament to pass legislations that is going to protect the interest of this country, to fight for what your people need and deserve and at all times to think about the future and to screen all the investors that come into this country,” he said.


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