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PNC is a National Party: Marape

Senior peoples national Congress Party member James marape says the party is a National one and not one confined to one particular province or region.
"Were not an ethnic_based party belonging to one part of the country';Marape Said.
Some parties taking shape are located in only one province. We are national party. We are Congress of different ethnicities coming together for nation.I think our performance right across the country speaks about nationalism,unlike some parties emerging which are strictly confined to one ethnicity, one province.
This is dangerous for the country.you cannot have political parties that are strongly based only in one area.
" you are now speaking on regionalism, you now speaking on ethnicity, and this is bad for a united Papua new Guinea,"Marape said.we as a party confident that our members are picking up in momase,New Guinea Islands with two declares in Manu's already."and we are doing very well in East and most t New Britain province.
",As you can see, our identity is a national identity"
Bulolo MP Sam Basil's Pangu Party won most of the10 seats in morobe. The National/ PNG Today
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