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PNG PM O'Neill retains Ialibu-Pangia Open seat

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has retained  his Ialibu-Pangia Open Seat after the final count.  He is the second MP to be declared on the first count  after scoring whopping  48,714 votes. The first MP who was declared on first count was Justin Tkatchenko for Moresby South Open.   Mr. O'Neills declaration makes the  third MP for the ruling People's National Congress Party.  The other two PNC candidates who won the elections so far are.
1. James Marape - Tari Pori
2. Justin Tkatchenko - Moresby South
Below is the final election results for Ialibu - Pangia Open
1. Peter O'Neill - 48,714
2. Stanley Liria - 8,229
3. Leonard Pangape - 2279
4.Sam Kari - 1402
Total allowable votes were 62,728 (78% of the people voted for O'Neill).  Returning officer Michael Ariando  made the declaration at Momei Oval in Mendi, SHP today.

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