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Port Moresby South Counting completed, winner to be announced soon

Counting for Moresby South has been completed and officials sent home. Quality checks will be conducted at around 9AM this morning before an announcement can be made. Returning Officer Micheal Are says the latest figures cannot be released at this time and an official declaration will be made at 10AM tomorrow at the counting venue. However, incumbent MP Justin Tkatchenko was leading at the last count and the results will be made known.

After Count 78 Justin Tkatchenko was leading with 15, 505 for the Moresby South electorate.

1. Justin Tkatchenko- 15, 505
2. Samson Kirilyo- 4, 607
3. Anna Skate- 3, 964
4. Nou Noel Gerea- 1, 896
5. Joel Govea Daure- 1, 169


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