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RSIPF Commissioner commends RAMSI Farewell celebration operations

The RSIPF Commissioner Mr. Matthew Varley has highly commended all his officers who took part in the operations during the week-long RAMSI Farewell celebrations in Honiara from 25 – 30 June 2017

During a debrief with members of the RSIPF Executive at the Police Headquarters in Honiara, Commissioner Varley said: “The ‘RAMSI Week’ final celebrations were an outstanding success.  We hosted delegations from every RAMSI country and many Heads of State and high level VIPs. Our 24/7 security operation in Honiara involved more than 500 officers. It was a huge operation and it went very well.”

“To everyone involved in the operation, I personally say thank you. Every person involved in this operation – from the early planning phases to the final execution of the operation – did a great job. I want to thank all the Deputy Commissioners, the Assistant Commissioners, commanders, all officers on the front line and all the officers behind the scenes who contributed to this very successful event,” said Mr Varley.

“I received many comments of praise and thanks from the Prime Minister, visiting VIPs and foreign delegations, as well as Pacific Police Commissioners. They commented on what an excellent and professional job the RSIPF did last week. They also commented on our professionalism, high visibility and the high security that we provided.”

Commissioner Varley said: “I am very proud of you all and grateful for your professionalism and commitment. I know you all worked long and hard hours and it was a very tiring week. Thank you.”

The RSIPF Commissioner also thanked all the Provincial Police Commanders and officers in the Provinces who worked hard to conduct high visibility patrols and community engagement meetings across the country, I am also proud and say thank you for your work.

“Now that RAMSI has left we must work harder to show the country that the new RSIPF is a proud and disciplined organisation and we are ready to do our duty. Each of you can play an important part to continue building the community’s trust in RSIPF.  With the end of RAMSI, the hard work starts now.

“I am proud of you and the RSIPF. Let’s continue to show the people of Solomon Islands that we are ready to serve this country now as a professional police force now that RAMSI has gone. I am counting on each of you,” said RSIPF Commissioner, Varley

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