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Second Tribunal appointed for Namah

A second leadership tribunal has been appointed to investigate misconduct allegations against the Member for Vanimo-Green-River, Belden Namah.

The Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia had initially appointed a tribunal, however, Mr Namah had challenged the appointment of the tribunal in the Supreme Court, saying Sir Salamo is also a subject in one of the allegations.

Today, the Deputy Chief Justice, Sir Gibbs Salika announced a second tribunal that will investigate Mr Namah.

The former deputy prime minister is alleged of lodging late annual returns, failing to lodge financial returns to the Registry of Political Parties and Candidates, misapplying public funds, failing to settle personal debts and storming the court room in 2011 demanding the arrest of the prime minister and the chief justice.

The tribunal comprises Justice Terence Higgins as Chairman and Magistrates Patricia Tivese and Alex Kalandi.
The tribunal commences hearing on Monday October 16.
NBC News/ PNG Today
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