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Deadline Looms for Auckland's Bula Early Childhood Centre

Auckland's Bula Early Childhood Centre has until today to meet the criteria set by the Ministry for Education or face closure.

The Fijian early learning centre in Mangere was given 21 days to tidy up its governance, management and teaching and learning programmes.

Fiji Community Association of Auckland spokesperson Greg Traill says they hope to get things in order before the start of school.

“We're looking to reopen shortly,” says Traill. “There are some negotiations that going on with the Ministry with regards to the ERO report.  They have given some conditions to look at with regards to the 21 day.Further details will be released once they've been finalised.”

Last month, the Fiji Community Association denied the Bula Early Childhood Centre was permanently closed amid allegations of financial mismanagement.

A breakaway faction, made up of former executives, claimed the government had closed the centre and teachers had not been paid for weeks.

Fiji Community Assocation President Naca Yalimaiwai says there's ongoing communication between them and the Ministry of Education over the allegations.

He said the finances of the Bula Centre and the Fiji Community Association of Auckland have been audited every year since its inception five years ago and are publicly accessible.

“The Fijian Community categorically denies any allegations of financial mismanagement. The allegations are mischievous and misleading and unnecessarily sensationalised by mainstream media including TV One.”.


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