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Divine Word University first to introduce Online learning in PNG

Divine Word  University is developing single units and programs in fully online learning mode to meet the needs of learners who are unable to commit to full-time or part-time or flexible (intensive residential) attendance. Online learning programs are not subsidized by university financial resources.

Online learning is different to traditional distance education. For distance education, unit materials and assessment tasks are typically sent to students, for students to complete work on their own and submit their assessment tasks, either by post or by email. Online learning is provided through the internet via a learning management system and typically includes opportunities to interact with your lecturer and other students, through chats, discussion boards, quizzes and other activities.

DWU fully online units and programs are designed to meet the needs of individuals, government, organizations and industry, thus careful research is carried out to match programs to market needs. Proven strategies are used to support students to successfully complete online programs while managing family, work or community commitments and for those people with disabilities. Lecturers remain in contact with students through the DWU Moodle Learning Management System.

To study online, you will need to have reliable and adequate internet access, as your units will be delivered through our online Learning Management System: Moodle. 

We are developing a series of units to be offered online from late 2017 or early 2018.  At present, however, we are not able to offer fully online units. We will advise prospective students as soon as we can of the units that will be available.

If you would like to leave a message to advise of your interest in studying in fully online mode, please email: flc@dwu.ac.pg. Please let us know of the fields of study or topics you are most interested in.

Thank you!
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