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Goroka BSP bank robbed

Goroka BSP Bank robbed. Photo by PNG Today
The Goroka Bank South Pacific (BSP) Branch was robbed this morning by an armed gang who were dressed in Police uniform.

The perpetrators left with K567,000 in cash. During their getaway they knocked down the gate of the bank and bumped one security guard.
They were pursued and are currently hiding in the bush.

The money that was stolen belonged to Shana Trading, a local Chinese owned establishment.

It is believed that there were five robbers made up of three gunmen, one driver and possibly another member of the group seated on the passenger side of the Blue ten- seater Toyota Land Cruiser used in the robbery.

The robbers drove into the corporate clients side of the bank and waited for the cash transfer to happen. Once the transfer was taking place, they forcefully took the cash and then drove at full speed on to the main road, knocking down a gate of the bank and bumping a security guard.

They left the Land Cruiser at a nearby settlement and used taxi which took them towards Kama on the road leading to Behute CIS. It is believed that the taxi then dropped them off somewhere along the side of the road where they then made their way into the bush.

Provincial Police Commander of Eastern Highlands Province Alex Ndrassel says that currently the police are searching for the taxi used in the getaway and are searching the bush where the robbers may be hiding.

No one else other than the security that was hit by the getaway car was injured during the robbery.

By Daniel LOVAI | PNGFM / PNG Today
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