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Grade 12s unfit to meet Quota to study Medicine at UPNG

The University of Papua New Guinea's School of Sciences is unable to meet the quota for its students to study Medicine this year.

UPNG's Acting Vice Chancellor Vincent Malaibe has attributed this to the high rates of grade twelve students inability to cope with University studies.

Mr Malaibe says the students make it into university in the first year, but leave or are excluded in the following years.

"The first years last year into social science, and they are going to be second year this year, their accretion rate is 18%.

"These are the percentage of students who came in but won't be here this year.

"In law, its 23%. Its very hard. In science 43%.

"For the first time in the history of this university we cannot meet the quota that is required for medicine.

"We could supply for other areas in health sciences but not doctors.

"This is the first time in our history.

"We could not lower the bar just to pass those 60 people to go.

"We said no, its unethical, (because) we are dealing with lives."

NBC News - Lyanne Togiba
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