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Memories will linger on : Joyce Ottio

The Late Kato Ottio has left his family in shock after his untimely passing during the early hours of Tuesday January 9, 2018 at the Pacific International Hospital (PIH).

Late Kato Ottio of a mixed parentage of Koiari, Buka and Tatana is the 4th child of Joyce Mattew Togiri and Late William Ottio. Memories that he left will linger in his home village at Tatana.

Mother Joyce Togiri could barely speak when this newsroom paid her a visit at the ‘hauskrai’ at Tatana yesterday. She held back tears as she tried to answer questions and would occasionally glance at the newspaper cuttings she held in her hands of her late son-repeating the words, “lau natugu, oina maragi herea, dahaka daina ome raka tanigu? (In motu- my son, you are too young, why did you have to leave me?).

Similar sentiments are shared throughout the country where he touched a lot of lives through the sportsmanship he showed in the sport of Rugby League, including young boys who aspire to be like him and call him their role model.

Two young boys flew all the way from Rabaul with their parents just to attend his funeral service.

The late Kato’s mother Joyce, kept newspaper articles and pictures of him from the games he played here and abroad since 2010.

“Kato was a very obedient boy, he never hesitated nor rejected any of my favours, “said Joyce through tears.

Kato is survived by his mother and four siblings who will miss him dearly. 

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